Our trip to The Baby Show @ Earls Court

So today was the day we attempted to get to London via the train. With a 3-year-old and 1-year-old I wasn’t daft enough to take the trip on my own… i took their nanny with them too for the day 😀 (well nanny is allowed to spoil them after all, that’s what nannies do best I get told!)

So after a bit of an ordeal with the trip (lifts out-of-order and 2 flights of stairs later!) we made it to Earls Court

Once inside it was pretty quick and straight forward to get into the show then the fun began!

We decided to go for a walk round the whole show first then return to the stalls we wanted to see on our return.

There are some great offers on at the show and I will get to those later but trust me even if I don’t cover them here, head to every stall, there is something on offer, a tester or a competition going on!

A little bit about the show so you are prepared. There is a changing area where the show provides nappies in sizes 3,4 & 5 plus wipes (subject to availability) & changing mats! This is a fantastic idea and I loved it! Makes is so welcoming to those with young families

There is also lots of places to buy food and drink around the show or places to sit and eat if you choose to take your own. As with any show/event food is a little bit steeper than if you was to purchase from the supermarket but i didn’t think it was too extortionate. There is also an area for heating baby food & bottles.

Fisher Price also provided a crèche for you to place your children in safe hands whilst you are free to shop & browse.

Our first big hit of the day was from a called YBike London (website coming soon but the can be found on facebook here. They are balance bikes that come as a range starting from 9 months up. Ethan’s face immediately lit up when he saw these and he had to have a go!

We actually visited this stall twice and both times had a play – defiantly up there on Ethans Christmas want list!

Next up we visited our lovely friend Charlotte at Mia Tui, it was lovely to put a face to a name. If you haven’t read our review on their great bags it is a must before you head to the show https://mummyvswork.co.uk/2011/10/mia-tui-review/. Once you get to the show head to the stand D76 and take advantage of some great offers – the Grace bag we reviews is only £24.99 instead of £39.99, at the show or if you enter MT2011 online you get the same discount!  Also there Ava bag is from £49.99 to £34.99 and the Amelie is £59.99 to £44.99. What you waiting for grab yourself a great bargain here, you will not be disappointed!

Happy Hopperz are also on offer! Head to their stand to pick on up for £20 instead of the £21.99 it costs online then the postage on top! We picked up the Panda one 🙂

Another great deal was from the fabulous Green Nippers (as you can see modelled by my gorgeous Ethan!) they have up to 30% off on products! I picked up Ethan’s dungarees’ that match this top. Don’t forget to check our review of Green Nippers clothing, they are fantastic quality, you wont be disappointed! https://mummyvswork.co.uk/tag/green-nippers/

One company I came across today that I had not seen before was Mummy Mitts they do the fantastic Mummy Mitts that attach to the handle bar and keep you hands warm and dry on winter days however the product that I loved the most was the fantastic My SHoulder Kit. Its aimed at children between 3-9 and it is made of reflective strips that make children more visible in the dark but it also has little pockets for cash, name & detail slot, bottle holder, teddy holder and most importantly it has a little poncho built-in that can then be dried from the back of this kit. Well worth a look at especially with 20% off!

Buggytug also have their great product reduced from £3.99 to £3 for the show.

These are just a few of the great deals that I’ve picked out but there is so many more, money of buggies, nursery furniture & clothing to name a few!

This is the place to be if you want to pick up inspiration or a bargain. Also a great place to be able to try before you buy those all important products.

I’ll leave you with some great pictures from the day!











































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