Our weekly meal plan – 04/11/19

Our weekly meal plan – 04/11/19

Good morning and welcome to this weeks meal plan.

After a week where we were a little hit and miss with the meal plan, I’m hoping this week is going to be better! I know, however, it is going to be a tough week as we are pushing on with the building work and I have quite a bit of blog work today. This means I have long days coming up this week, combined with a full-time job I am going for ease again this week!

I also finally have my order coming from Musclefood so I look forward to having a stocked freezer. We are however going to try and have a few meatless meals each week after we get out of this busy period for us.

For now though, here is what we are cooking this week.

Our meal plan –  04/11/19

Monday –

Chicken burger and chips – Was due to have this yesterday but we never did!

Tuesday –

Spaghetti and meatballs – Delicious and easy to do.

Wednesday –

Pork chops, mash and beans – I can’t remember the last time we have pork chops so looking forward to these.

Thursday –

Pizza – Easy and quick dinner tonight.

Friday –

Fishcakes and chips – I picked up some yellow stick Youngs cod and parsley fishcakes so I can’t wait to try these out.

Saturday –

Chicken wraps – It’s been a while

Sunday –

Roast or stew – I am undecided at the minute so I will decide nearer the weekend.

Nothing too difficult and pretty much meals I can stick on and leave alone for the most part! What is cooking at your house this week? I’d love to read your meal plans!

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Our weekly meal plan - 4th November 2019


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