Our weekly meal plan – 10/12/18

Our weekly meal plan – 10/12/18

Meal Good morning and welcome back to this weeks meal plan.

This week is not going to be a great meal plan, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I was rather disorganised when doing my food shop as we were away at the weekend so just ordered some of the usuals and threw some other bits in the basket…

That is not a great way to shop as I don’t really know what I was planning to make! Never mind though we have a freezer full of meats following our MuscleFood delivery and a cupboard full of the staple items to create something.

Other than that, I am feeling under the weather so the last thing I want to do is get in the kitchen and cook! Last weeks cooking, however, was delicious and we had some really tasty meals.

With both of the above in mind, here is what we are cooking this week.

Monday –

Freezer food – After our drive home yesterday and early start today we are having something simple from the freezer.

Tuesday –

Chicken fajita’s – Super simple and quick to make so no rushing around needed.

Wednesday –

Sausage, egg, chips and beans – Again another easy meal to make and less hassle in the kitchen.

Thursday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Still have some left in the freeze from a batch meal so looking forward to this.

Friday –

Takeaway – We have a get together with friends so the plan is something easy.

Saturday –

Pasta or pizza – depending on what we have on Friday I will make either pasta or homemade pizzas for dinner.

Sunday –

Roast or stew – I will see what we are in the mood for nearer the time.

Nothing fancy but tasty home cooked food for us this week. I’m sure in the coming weeks we will be a bit more organised and I am looking forward to some tasty meals over the Christmas period! You can check out our other meal plans here if you are after some inspiration.

Our weekly meal plan - 10th December 2018

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