Is Your Place Safe This Winter?

No matter whether it’s a residential property or a commercial property, it is important to take the appropriate measures in order to ensure that it is kept protected at all times, especially in the winter months. During winter, homes are typically more vulnerable to damage and robberies due to the harsher winter conditions and long hours of darkness. However, if you prepare for the season in advance, then there is no reason as to why you can’t get through the month without any major incidents occurring. This infographic has been created by vacant property services experts and explores the 10 top tips for ensuring that your home stays safe this winter. Lucky for you, the prices for each service have also been listed, so you are kept aware of how much money you will be saving when preventing these issues.

Check Your Piping

During the winter months, water damage from burst pipes is a very common occurrence, however, it can be easily avoided by installing a special type of insulation which is called lagging. Make sure that all your water pipes are properly lagged before the temperate starts to drop and you shouldn’t be facing any piping issues in the future. The average cost of replacing broken pipes is £3,000 and can easily be avoided with correct insulation.

Servicing Your Boiler

Fully functional central heating systems are less likely to run into problems with freezing pipes and other issues arising from cold weather. It is a good idea to have your boiler services and certified by a professional toward the end of autumn. The average cost of replacing a boiler is £2,000, but the average cost of servicing a boiler is £60… you do the math!

Update Smoke & CO2 Alarms

The risk of fire and CO2 inhalation from faulty appliances increased significantly during the winter months, so make sure that all of your alarms are in good working order. These should be checked on a regular basis throughout the year – the average cost of smoke and CO alarms is around £40.

Clear The Gutters

Guttering containing fallen leaves and debris becomes blocked very easily. This happens when the clogged water begins to freeze when the temperature drops below zero. The average service cost for your gutters is around £60, and will be extremely beneficial, as replacing guttering can be quite the investment.

Remember Outside Furniture

If you leave your chairs and furniture outside during the winter, then they become prone to rust and mould. When the weather is too cold to be outside, store your furniture in a dry environment or cover it with a protective sheet to prevent this from happening.

Take a look at this infographic to discover even more ways to keep your place safe this winter. All these points are suitable for any budget and will save you a lot of stress and money in the unfortunate event of a bad incident during winter.

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