Planning a trip to Wales? – What you need to know

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Planning a trip to Wales? - What you need to know

Are you planning a trip to Wales?

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and lockdowns worldwide, traveling abroad is not a realistic option for most. That does not mean that excitement cannot be found in the UK, though! One of these exciting places to be found is the beautiful Wales – A country in its own right that was voted the 3rd most beautiful country in the world!

There are several traditionally notable areas of Wales that are worth visiting, but there are also areas of less esteem that are equally as culturally interesting and beautiful. Also, another alluring factor is the fact that you will see more sheep than ever before thought possible

How to get to Wales from London

If you are coming from London to Wales your main options are to drive, take a coach or train.

Prices will depend on what part of the country you’re heading from however if you’re coming from the South East prices will be roughly as according:

  • Train: – £48.50 from Victoria to Cardiff Central return.
    • This is an estimated price as prices change often, however, Smarter Finances have put together a list of the different ways you can find cheap train tickets here.
  • Car: – £40-50 (Depends on the cars fuel economy) but there is no longer a toll fee!
    • The journey can usually be done in 3 hours from London to Cardiff on a good traffic day. It is best to drive to Wales in the evening after 7 pm to avoid traffic on the M4 but the journey can usually be made without too much time being added on once you’re past the M25.
  • Bus: – £20 round trip from London to Cardiff – prices vary depending on times but average around the £20 mark.

If you are travelling to Wales with your family, I would suggest either driving or taking a train. This is because the Bus can be quite mundane.

Best time to visit Wales

The best time to visit Wales are the summer months because even in the driest months it often rains. August is the hottest average month of the year but you should be expected at least a few good dry days from June to September.

What is the average temperature in Wales

Planning a trip to Wales? - What you need to know

The average annual temperature is 9.4°c. During the driest months it is still known to rain, this rain gives Wales its scenic countryside views but can cause a damper on a day out. The driest months are from June to August which see temperatures averaging around 20°c.

The wet season is from October to January and whilst you’ll need a raincoat or umbrella the weather allows for some absolutely stunning views around the mountains

What currency is used in Wales

Wales holds the same currency (Pound Sterling) as the rest of Great Britain, however certain things may be cheaper than in London.

What to eat in Wales

Naturally, you cannot see Wales properly without tasting the traditional food – specifically and most importantly, homemade Welsh cakes with some clotted cream, jam and a decent cup of tea.

Otherwise, Glamorgan Sausage and Welsh Rarebit must be tried to ensure a well followed trip.

Eating out in Wales averages about £20-£25 a day for 3 meals however depending on food tastes this will differ.

There is no obligation to tip in Wales but you may do so if you feel the food was satisfactory, some service charges may be applicable in some restaurants but this is often disputable.

How much are the attractions?

Many points of historic and cultural interest are free of charge to enter – this is true for most of the plentiful castles and museums. However, there will be area-specific activities that cost. For those which do have a cost, you can purchase a Tourist Pass which will give you access to many discounted tickets!


The pride of the nation is their universal interest in rugby, depending on your interest in sport it is often an emotional and charged atmosphere, a truly great example of Welsh unity and always a great day. The next match is Wales Vs Canada on the 03rd July 2021 if you’re heading there any time soon!

What are Welsh people like?

The Welsh populous are stereo-typically known as kind and well-meaning farmer folk, and in many cases, especially in the less populated areas of Wales, this is true.

Since the collapse of the industrial industries, much of the Welsh revenue is generated through tourism. This means that nearly everyone is friendly.

Moreover, if you’re finding your way through navigating the locals we have a list of suggestions to help you through every scenario:

  • Welsh nationalism is very prominent, do not refer to football as superior to rugby
  • Never ask a Welsh person to pronounce the longest place name (Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwy rndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch)
  • Avoid sheep mocking references, they are already very aware of the sheep to human ratio
  • Make sure to acknowledge Wales for its significance other than being featured in Gavin and Stacey

Top 10 places of interest in Wales

Planning a trip to Wales? - What you need to know

If we have sold you on the idea and you are considering visiting Wales, I would suggest you visit any of the below to appreciate the Welsh culture:

  • Hay on Wye
  • Cardiff
  • Brecon beacons
  • Swansea
  • Newquay
  • Porthcawl
  • Barry
  • Snowdonia national park
  • Caerphilly
  • Bethesda

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