Products we love – June 18

Good morning, I loved taking part in the loved and like linky last month, however, I wanted to keep that separate from the products we’ve loved in a month so plan on doing them as 2 separate posts going forward.

Up first is my post on products we loved in June.

This post will be a combination of products we’ve found, purchased, been gifted or are planning to buy!

So, what have we found this month?

First up is this Room in a Box from Happy Beds. This is the UK’s only cardboard bed – 100% recyclable and completely vegan. It folds out in a matter of seconds and you simply pop a normal mattress on top and away you go.

So, whether it be for an overnight guest or even if you are moving home a lot for one reason or another this is a great idea! Once you have finished with it, all you need to do is recycle it in the same way you would normal cardboard recycling.

You can see more on this great idea here:

Next up – Chewy Moon –

The kids have kindly been given a ChewyMoon subscription box to try out. Each pack contains healthy snacks for kids (big and small!) and come in a range of flavours such as SILLY CIRCUS – Orange-honey cookies and CRACK AN APPLE- Apple cinnamon waffles.

Delivered to your door in a letterbox size parcel which also includes a fun fact card and a battle card, which has captured the kid’s imagination. Boxes start at £2.99 per box every 2 weeks and if you sign up you get your first box free. Head over here to find out how.

I know I’ve just spoken to you about healthy foods but one of my favourite sweets now is the new HARIBO Fruitilicious. They are delicious!

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth but less sugar than the normal packets! However they don’t do bags big enough to share, or at least that’s what I tell the kids!

These are just a few of our favourite products in June however with the summer months coming up and time off work I’m sure we will find more!

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