The real costs of a home makeover

We love our home, we really do.

It’s where we brought our babies home. It is the place where we walked out as partners and returned husband and wife. There is a lot of memories stored in these walls.

However when do you draw the line when it comes to renovating your home and start thinking about moving?

Now we were very lucky to have our bathroom done a few years ago, along with our astro turf in the garden however this has just been the start. We have also redecorated all the rooms and replaced the windows to name a few things.

We are however in need of more space now as the kids are getting bigger and we also need to completely overhaul the front and back gardens. None of them are going to be cheap jobs to do either so it now comes down to weighing up what we do next.

We need to decide whether we keep putting the money into this house or trying to relocate near by with a house that is more suitable for us.

If we are to move other than the fact we need 3 bedrooms, there is only a few things on top of that which become top priority.

The things I am particularly fussy about is the bathroom and the kitchen. If we are going to move I would like a fairly new bathroom, like the ones you can get from Premier care would be great. A walk in shower would be top of the list especially after all the trouble I have had getting in and out of the bath following my operation.

Home Makeover

I like my bathrooms to also be clean lined and organized. If there is space to put everything out of view, that is a bonus! I think that comes from the fact we have such a small bathroom at the minute. We have to keep everything organised or it will quickly descend into chaos!

Then alongside this I would love a dream kitchen. One with space to cook until my heart is content but with an island in there too so the kids can come and chat as I am preparing dinner. Somewhere with lots of workspace for me to put my gadgets and lots of cupboards to hide all the other bits I have.

Now we have a pretty bathroom here but our kitchen space will never fit an island.

So where do we begin?

Over the coming months we will have a lot to think about whilst we decide what we are going to do. We have spoken to a few builders regarding the changes we want to make. Once we have those costs, we can plan on where we go from here.

As a family we need to weigh up the costs and effort of moving, plus any alterations we would like to make. Against the costs of staying where we are and making the alterations to our home.

It is going to be a tough few months whilst we work out what we really want to get out of our home and whether we can make it our dream home. I’m sure that we will have to make sacrifices no matter which option we choose.

The only thing I am sure of, is that no matter where we are, we will make it ours.

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