*Review* AmiGami

If your kids are anything like mine then they will see something on the tv and they want it …. all of it!

One thing that Kayleigh and Ethan have been going on about lately has been AmiGami, the new toy that doesn’t only give you something to play with but allows you to customiseĀ it with over 30 paper parts which can be shaped and used in whichever way you like and also over 70 reusable stickers.

You also get 6 jewelled pins to place your paper parts onto your character and a curling tool which allows you to curl hair and tails etc.

Now you may be thinking this all sounds like fiddly work but it’s not, IĀ managed it with 4 children aged between 4-6. Once you have shown them what each bit does and how to curl and stick it doesn’t take them long for their imagination to run wild! The best bit is no cutting or sticking is required.

AmiGami AmiGami AmiGami AmiGami AmiGami

As you can see the kids let their imagination run and I think they all looked amazing. In fact they we’re so good I had to ask Daddy Vs Work to pick a winner as I couldn’t choose one plus he had no idea who made what. The winner was this one by Kayleigh :


The kids have loved doing these and still play and craft with them now, the clever thing is they have pins that hold the paper parts in and the stickers are reusable so you can take them all off and start again once you get bored! I can see these being a big hit with kids during the summer holidays too.

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