*Review* Attach-a-tag

Attach-a-tag recently got in touch to offer us a prize to auction off for our charity of the year but at the same time they asked whether we would like to try the starter kit out for ourselves. conscious of Kayleigh starting school in September I was keen to try it out and see what it is like.


The starter system comprises of the name etched on 30 or 50 tags (depending on how many you order), retainers, instructions and the dolphin applicator for you to apply your tags.

At first I was a bit intrigued into how these would sit in clothes as I thought they may be a little bit on the big size but I needn’t have worried as they sit perfectly in the clothes. It is designed to replicate a spare button so shouldn’t irritate little ones and they slot into clothes to go unnoticed until needed.Attach-a-tag

The actually application is really easy to do. Simply pop the tag and retainer into the applicator and clamp it onto the label in the clothes. Then turn the little dial and it clamps together onto the label.Attach-a-tag

I was actually really impressed with this system as I think it is such a clever idea. For your £22.50 you can get 30 tags and the dolphin applicator. This amount of tags would last you quiet a while and when you do run out you can just reorder some tags at £11 for a further 30.

This is a must have for the those with the little ones starting school this september!

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