*Review* Bear Alphabites

We love Bear products so when they got in touch to see if Kayleigh and Ethan would like to try their new Alphabites cereal, we couldn’t wait to see what they tasted like.

As with all Bear products the cereals are made with no added nonsense. The cereal comes in two flavour Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain so even the fussier eaters will enjoy them. Alphabites

The cereal itself is flavoured with a natural sweetener called coconut blossom nectar, to give the cereal that lovely sweetness without the sugar overload. Coconut nectar has a low GI of 35 vs sugar (75) and honey (65), so it prevents sugar highs.Alphabites

Kayleigh and Ethan have been eating their cereal for almost 2 weeks and have had it daily. They usually have shreddies, coco pops etc however they’ve not noticed that they don’t have cereal packed with sugar and other additives which is great for me!


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