*Review* BEAR Paws

Here at Mummy Vs Work we love a treat, I have an awful sweet tooth (which I found out today is going to result in me having a huge dentist bill soon!). So I try to give Kayleigh and Ethan the healthy option 95% of the time and something treat like the other 5%. Everything in proportion I say!

So when BEAR got in touch to see if we fancied trying out their new range BEAR Paws, I thought why not! Kayleigh and Ethan love BEAR Nibbles or YoYo as they call them and they couldn’t wait to get in to the new Paws! BEAR

BEAR Paws are made from 100% fruit which is slowly baked, never from concentrate, and contain no added sugar, preservatives or stabilisers.

They are available in the following flavours and are shaped to contain different animal prints:

  • Safari (mango & strawberry) Gracie the giraffe, Laurie the lion, Zac the zebra, Ella the elephant, Hector the hippo
  • Dino (strawberry & apple) Tom the t-rex, Dom the diplodocas, Tilly the triceratops, Ted the pterodactyl, Vince the velociraptor
  • Jungle (apple & blackcurrant) Monty the monkey, Timmy the treefrog, Colin the crocodile, Tallulah the toucan, Jessie the jaguar


Both Kayleigh and Ethan tucked into a bag each after school and I had the 3rd bag! From the flavour it is hard to believe they are made purely out of fruit but I am so glad they do.

They are incredible moorish but have a really sweet taste to them, Kayleigh and Ethan loved them so much that they thought they were having their sweet treat!

The great thing about these is they taste great but you know they are made great and 1 packet is one of your 5 a day!

At 55p they make great alternatives to sweet treats after school or on a trip out and you can find them at Sainsburys, Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett and lots of small chains & leading independents

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