*Review* Bloco Robot Invasion

One thing I love about doing our Christmas feature is finding new products and Bloco is one of those items.

Bloco Robots - Box Bloco Robots - Group Shot

Made with high density foam cut into all different shapes you can link them together to make the designs that come in your box or you can get completely creative on your own invention.

I have been highly impressed with the Bloco toys. We love construction toys in this house but it was a welcome change to have something that wasn’t building blocks.

With the Bloco toys Ethan has been playing with them on a daily basis. We have loved being able to build them, Ethan then plays with them and we put them away and start all over the next day.

Bloco Bloco Bloco Bloco

Bloco is actually really easy to put together and is something that even little hands can do on their own but they are also really sturdy.

If your thinking this may be a boys toy, think again. Bloco doesn’t only come in robot form it such a great gift for anyone as you can get your hands on combat dragons plus cat &  kittens and cats play sets. Plus single creature sets featuring Dinosaurs and primates.

This is going to be featured on our top toys for Christmas and is perfect for those little ones with creative imagination, at a RRP £19.99 I think these are going to go down a storm in lots of households on Christmas morning. Available from ELC and Amazon.


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