*Review* Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter

We go through a lot of water in this house. In fact I think about 70% of the drink Kayleigh and Ethan have is just water then 25% milk and the rest as other things.

So when Shoplet got in touch to see if I would be interested in reviewing a product and offered the Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter, I was very keen.

Our filter arrived really promptly and took a matter of minutes to put together.

Like any Brita filter you get a compartment which holds the filtered water, a compartment to fill water so it can filter, an electronic monitor for the filter countdown and a lid. This one is just on the large-scale.

Brita Brita

In total this filter holds 7.5 litres and at the front of the filter you also have a tap for easy access to the water.

The Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter is designed to go in either your fridge or your counter top, which is a great idea. Though I think you will need a fairly big fridge to fit it in. It did fit into our fridge but it was so tall we had to take one of the shelves out to fit it in. So now it takes pride of place on our counter top.

Even though our kitchen is not huge it has actually worked quiet well as both Kayleigh and Ethan have taken a keen liking to being able to get their own drinks as they are “big children” now.

We’ve had other filters from Brita before but I have to say I think this is my favourite product from them. This filter holds so much water it means you can get lots of water out of there before it needs topping up, though we’ve been topping up as we go so it doesn’t run out!

At just over £50 it is a little more expensive than a standard jug filter however I think this is a perfect product for those who go through lots of water like we do!

Shoplet have a whole host of other products such as paper, office furniture and back to school products like pens etc. One stop shop for all your office supplies really.

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