*Review* Carcassonne board game

*Review* Carcassonne board game

As part of the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club, we frequently receive board games to try out. Some of those, like todays one Carcassonne, we have never heard of.

Carcassonne board game

Now for some this might not be something you are keen on however for us, it has given us the chance to find some fab new games, like Colt Express which we reviewed not too long ago.

Our latest game Carcassonne is a game played by placing tiles and is based on the southern French city of Carcassonne, famous for its unique Roman and Medieval fortifications.

In the box you get:

  • 72 x Land tiles
  • 12 x River tiles
  • 1 x scoreboard
  • 40 x followers in 5 colours
  • 5 x abbots in 5 colours
  • 1 x rulebook
  • 1 x supplementary sheet

How to play:

The players take it in turn to pick a tile from the pile and place this down on the table. It must join another tile on the table, this could be carrying on a road, city or field.

Carcassonne board game

You can then place your meeple onto the tile to start your mission to score points. Points can be scored when a building is complete, for example when a road is finished or a city is completed. Once the building is completed you score up the build and get your meeple back to use again.

Then you keep going until all the tiles are used up.

Now this game comes with 2 mini expansions included (the river and the abbot) however whilst playing with the kids we have just been playing the basic version.

Carcassonne board game

It has been a big hit! It took us a while to get our heads around the rules however once you start the game and work through it slowly it all becomes clearer. There was lots we learnt from our first few games and ones that we will take into our next game.

Carcassonne board game

Although it may have been a game the kids have had to think about before playing their move they both really enjoyed playing this game and it has become a firm favourite!

Family fun with Carcassonne board game

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