*Review* CBeebies – The Album

If you have a child aged between 6 months – 5 years I guarantee you will have heard of CBeebies. I’m even willing to bet that you know their favourite CBeebies program and the theme tune!

Never fear the CBeebies: The Albumis here to ease the strain of trying to remember all the words for those trips out and about.

Packed full of songs this is a surefire hit with any toddler. The 50 track double cd theme tunes and songs from some new favourites like Rastamouse, Baby Jake and Justin’s House, old classics like Postman Pat and Charlie and Lola as well as theCBeebiespresenter songs for the very first time on CD

Kayleigh and Ethan loved listening to this CD, when they thought I wasn’t looking they were both singing along to their favourite songs or bopping along.

This CD is going to be a lifesaver on our holiday trip to Butlins next year as it will keep them entertained the whole trip!

What I loved about this CD is the fact all of the songs are well-known. Yes there are 50 songs on the album but none are ones we don’t know that they’ve added just to fill the CD out with.

Well loved and played in this house and I’m sure it will be popular this Christmas.

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