*Review* Chemist Terrarium Kit from Suck UK

I am super excited to be doing this review today as hands down, I love this product! Red Candy kindly sent me over their new product the Chemist Terrarium Kit from Suck UK.

For my birthday, I received 3 cacti from Daddy Vs Work and the kids. I don’t really celebrate my birthday as once you have kids, they don’t ever have the same magic as the kid’s birthdays do.

I did however have a list of a few things I would like and the cacti were on there, so all I needed was somewhere to display them.

With the trend, currently on terrarium’s taking over everywhere you look, why not mix it up a bit. If you are a bit of a geek then this is going to be right up your street.

Chemist Terrarium Kit from Suck UK
This lab flask style terrarium has everything you need to get you started apart from the plants. My cacti came from B & Q and we’re only £4 so this could make an amazing gift for anyone!

Last weekend I set about designing my own little terrarium.

Now firstly let me say, cacti can be blooming sharp! Without thinking whilst trying to place my cacti I grabbed one, ouch!

Designing and making your chemist terrarium kit is easy, it does get a little fiddly when you are trying to put your cacti in followed by the sand however the result does make it worth the little bit of effort. I did however make a complete mess of my dining room table so might be worth doing in the garden or putting some paper down before you start!

The steps for the layers are given to you on the box and each layer comes in its own individual bags, so you just need to add it, then spread it out into an even layer.

Chemist Terrarium Kit from Suck UK
It looks amazing and has taken pride of place on my kitchen window however I may move it into our bedroom once all the house work has been done.

Red Candy are saying goodbye to boring bland colours and they have some amazing quirky items for everyone. Their site is the perfect place to be starting your Christmas shopping in the next few months too!


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