*Review* ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Colour Blast

Kayleigh and Ethan were recently sent a new toy to play with and try out, ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Colour Blast.

In essence it is a slushy maker for home.


Kayleigh and Ethan couldn’t wait to give it a go but I would note that to use this it needs to go in the freezer upright for between 4-6 hours before each use so it’s not just an open and go gift.

Once we had chilled Slushy maker we popped in some Ribena, what I should have read on the instructions was to use cold drinks, not room temperature drinks.

This resulted in Daddy Vs Work slushing the drink for longer than should have been required to get the desired results.

Somehow and I don’t know how, it does actually work in turning the drink into a slushy which you can pour out and eat.




Kayleigh and Ethan were impressed with their new kitchen toy however due to the waiting time to make one I think they have already lost interest in this.

Also I found it only made one small glass per 4-6 hours which was a lot of waiting for such a small reward and if like me you have more than one child you would need another maker per child.

I think its a great concept just not sure it was quiet what the kids imagined it would be.>

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