*Review* Chocolate Pen

If you have a little chocoholic in your house this may be the perfect gift for Christmas.

We received this Chocolate Pen to try over National Chocolate week however a few things in real life have taken over and things have had to be put on hold when it comes to the blog, but this means that we can bring it to you in time for your Christmas shopping to commence!

Chocolate Pen

The chocolate pen is perfect for decorating treats, cupcakes or for writing your own name in chocolate! It also comes complete with moulds which make it perfect for your little ones to make gifts this Christmas for family and friends.

Included in your box you get

  • Chocolate Pen.
  • 3 mould trays.
  • 4 nozzles, clamps & caps.
  • 12 bags for chocolate.
  • Instruction Booklet.

We found this really easy to use and Kayleigh and Ethan had a great time getting creative. The pen works quite simply really, you warm the chocolate up in some special bags and they slot into the pens. Once the kids pressed the button the pen pushes up into the bag to slowly squeeze chocolate out for them to be able to create their own designs or into moulds.


Then you leave them to set for a little while before you enjoy your hard work or pass it on.

Whilst the kids were crafting some yummy chocolate designs I got on with making some chocolate whoopee pies which was from a recipe from Amy Beth-Ellice, an up and coming young baker. I had never made these before however the recipe was really simple to follow and the result was yummy!

IMG_9112 IMG_9119 IMG_9121I can see the chocolate pen being a big hit this Christmas with it being on a lot of wish lists and it is easy to see why!

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