*Review* CleanUP complete mop system

Time to step away from the Christmas features for a moment and introduce you to this revolutionary mop system from UpCo.

Now I hate cleaning the floors in our house and we only have 2 that need moping, the kitchen and the bathroom. However, with kids and dogs these both need doing on a regular basis.

We do however suffer with the problem that lots of people suffer with, we lack storage in our home. There really isn’t much space to store a hoover, mop & bucket, broom and everything else that goes with it.

So, when I was offered the chance to try the new CleanUP mop system which comes with lots of handy features such as compact storage, I was intrigued to see if it was as good as they say!

When your order the system (which you can currently get from Amazon for £34.50) you will receive:

  1. The bucket – this has two sides, one for holding the water and the other for rinsing the mop out in.
  2. The mop – this mop breaks down into sections for easy storage in the bucket.
  3. Two mop heads – these pop onto the mop to be used and then can be machine washed up to 100 times before they need replacing.

So far so good, everything you need to clean the floor apart from the water and the cleaning solution you use.

This mop is clever, ignoring the big bonus of it storage perks, it has been cleverly designed to allow you to control the amount of water you use. So, when you have added your water to your mop you can use the roller on the dry side to take out the excess water you do not want in the mop.

 CleanUP complete mop system CleanUP complete mop system

This means there is no more soaked floors, that in the winter take ages to dry! The design also means that when you do rinse out the mop the excess water slides back over into the wash side of the bucket too making sure no water is wasted.

 CleanUP complete mop system  CleanUP complete mop system

With a simple rubber plug at the bottom of the bucket, when you are done simply pop over the sink (or bath!) and pull the plug. Easy drainage and complete storage solution all in one.

I have been really impressed with this system and I can see from the reviews on Amazon so far that others have been too!

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