*Review* Codenames pictures

We are very lucky that monthly we get sent a new board game to give a try and this month we received Codenames.

This game is aimed at people aged 10+ with a minimum of 4 players needed however a few more would make it work a bit easier.

Splitting into two teams each team nominate someone to be their spymaster. Both spymasters sit one side of the table and the rest of the players are on the other (these are called field operatives)

You then place the codename cards on the table in a 5 by 5 grid face up on the table.

Each game has one key that reveals the secret identities of the cards on the table. The spymasters choose a key card randomly and don’t let the field operatives see it.

The only one that knows the secret identities of 25 agents is the Spymasters, the rest of the teammates only know their identity by codenames.

Codenames Pictures

It is then down to the spymaster to take it in turns and give a one-word clue to help the field operatives work out who it is. They can keep guessing until you either run out of ideas or guess the wrong person, then it switches to the other team, the winning team is the first one to contact all their agents.Codenames Pictures

It seems simple enough however it has been a complicated game to get your head around. Once you get started it’s not too bad however it has been a little bit too hard for the kids.

Codename pictures

I wouldn’t write this game off however it is one more for adults and teens rather than children. I think as the kids get a bit older they would probably enjoy it more.

This game is available at Amazon and other good game shops.

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