*Review* Colt Express board game

As part of the Blogger Board Game club we received a new board game every month to review. These are randomly picked for us from a set of questions we were asked and the answers we gave. Alongside the feedback we gave on the previous game. This month the game we received was Colt Express.

Firstly, this game is completely different to any other game we’ve played really. For starters the game is played out in a 3d train and is an action based game using cards.

Now what’s in the box?

In the box you will receive:

  • 6 cardboard Train Cars
  • 1 cardboard Locomotive
  • 7 wooden pawns (Bandits and Marshall)
  • 6 Character sheets
  • 132 cards
  • 32 Loot tokens

Aim of the game?

The aim of the game is to be the richest bandit on the train. Now as easy as that may sound, it is a little more complicated than that!

Colt Express board game

As the action cards are played out in order they are played (e.g. each player places 1 card in turn depending on action cards required) the game can take a turn in any direction at any moment. So, what you may feel is a perfectly planned out mission, you could easily find someone grabbing the loot from you before you get a chance!

That’s not forgetting the bullets being fired, the Marshall entering your carriage or the punches that may come your way.

With just 5 game turn cards to get through it is a quick game once it gets started and you must be thinking on your feet.

Colt Express board game

Our thoughts on the game?

When you first get this game, you cannot play it straight out of the box. It takes about 20-30 minutes to make the trains up to play the game for the first time. Once these have been made the box has a clever storage section for them to sit in, so you do not have to keep remaking them.

The rules on the game can be a little confusing to begin with so we found the key way to get our head round this was to play the game step by step for the first round, reading the rules as we went. However, after the first few rounds it wasn’t too complicated.

There is another set rule to play an advanced version of the game and expansions that can be added to it, giving the game another dimension.

The game itself is aimed at 10+ and I would say that would be about the right age, it is a little too complicated for Kayleigh and Ethan to get their head around however it wont be long before they work it out.

Overall, we have really enjoyed playing this game and I can see it being one to make an appearance over the Christmas break! You can find your own copy of Colt Express on Amazon for £27.99.

Review - Colt Express board

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