*Review* Comparethemarket.com Home Insurance Site

Lets face it, most people hate the prospect of renewing their home insurance, me included.

So anything that saves time and money is a huge hit with me.

On Tuesday Comparethemarket.com launched a new site for their Home Insurance and I’ve been over giving it the once over, seeing as I’m chief money organiser in our household.

The new site I found to be very easy to navigate around. There was not one point in which I didn’t understand how to proceed.

The site itself is very bright and clean to use, even those suffering with computer phobia would be able to navigate the site. Once I had put my details in it was very quick at giving me the best quotes for my home insurance plus you could easily amend any details that you wanted to change such as the excess for example. 

One thing I really like about the site is being able to save your quote so you can come back to it. 9 times out of 10 I’m the one planning what we’re doing insurance wise but I always like to just run it past my other half before going ahead with it.

My favourite feature? The free Meerkat you get when you take out insurance via Compare The Market!

We were compensated for our review however all the views and opinions in this review are honest and true.

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