*Review* Dar Lighting Dynamo Cream Gloss Floor Lamp

With the darker nights drawing in, the lights are going on in the household earlier (I’m still refusing to put the heating on yet though!)

However main lights never really seem to give you the hit of light you sometimes need, especially if you are making tricky little Warhammer 40k models like Daddy Vs Work has been doing over the last few months.

So when The Home Lighting Centre gave us a chance to pick some lighting I decided to go with a floor lamp that could be used not only for a feature but practical for us too.

After spending far too long looking through their whole range I decided to go for their Dar Lighting Dynamo Cream Gloss Floor Lamp and just waited for it to arrive, which it did the next day!


The light itself simply slots together and screws in however for the base we did need to use pliers to tighten the bolt underneath.

The lamp itself stands a great height for using over the top of a desk or table, so perfect for home work or crafting/modelling and it looks great too.

Lamp Lamp

Unlike lots of lamps, the main head part of it is adjustable so you can get it set just how you need it plus the power supply and switch is long enough that it doesn’t need to stand right next to the plug.

We love this lamp and its made a great addition to our living room.

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