*Review* Dinosaur Train

If like me you have pre-schoolers you know how much they love watching some tv shows and now Nick Jr are now bringing a new one to the UK, Dinosaur Train. This combines Ethan’s two favourite things, trains and dinosaurs so it was sure to be a big hit in our house.

We were fortunate to receive the first two episodes to have a sneaky peak and review before the show goes live on Monday 12th March and is on Nick Jr every week day at 4pm.

Each day, Dinosaur Train will help kids ages 3 to 6 to apply scientific thinking as they discover new types of dinosaur species, compare and contrast dinosaurs to today’s creatures and embrace the living sciences of paleontology and natural science. Each episode is 22 minutes long which we find is the perfect time to keep the children’s attention to.

The show itself is colourful and fun as the dinosaurs go on adventures using the dinosaur train to get them to their next destination as they learn as they go. I found that both Kayleigh and Ethan sat and watched the entire show so it has their seal of approval!

Here are the main characters you will meet on the show:

Buddy, a curious, funny, and intelligent T-Rex is the star of the show. He is cautious, but always ready to jump into action and start asking questions.

Tiny, who loves to make rhymes, is quite clever and very brave. Tiny approaches every dinosaur she meets with the confidence of a news reporter trying to get the full scoop.

Shiny is more “girly” than Tiny and proud of her shiny exterior, but can become shy in social situations. Shiny is outgoing with her siblings and acts as if she is the “wisest.”

Don is a sweet, mellow little Pteranodon. Although he has a goofy streak, he is steady as a rock and very focused on the task at hand. Don is loyal to all his siblings and graciously waits his turn. Once his mind is made up, though, Don goes enthusiastically head-first into every challenge.

Mrs. Pteranodon: teacher, companion, and tour guide extraordinaire. But, first and foremost, she is “Mum” to Buddy, Don, Tiny, and Shiny. She is always there to listen to Buddy’s questions about being an adopted member of the Pteranodon family.

Mr. Pteranodon: The kids’ devoted, hands-on “sports dad,” Mr. Pteranodon loves to approach parenting like coaching a team. He can even make a squawk that sounds like a whistle when he needs to call “time out!”

Conductor Troodon is a Troodon and a special friend to Buddy and his family. He becomes one of Buddy’s heroes because he is the Conductor of one the most awesome trains of all, the Dinosaur Train! The Conductor is very intelligent and is happy to explain facts about dinosaurs, the places they visit and even how the Dinosaur Train works.

This show is sure to be a big hit with toddlers so make sure you don’t miss it starting this Monday!

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