*Review* Dioctipoid

If growing up you was a fan of the Rubiks Cube then I promise you that you will love these!

Dioctipoid is a sphere where the segments can rotate in groups around any of four axes, it creates a combination puzzle for you to create stars. The also come with a handy little stand so you can store it before having another go.

They are avaible in 2 levels 1.0  or the harder 2.0. So I thought I would give it a go, I mean how hard can it be to get back together right? Big mistake!

I started in the 1.0 and quickly set about mixing it all up ready to go. Then the reality of I had to get it back together started! So then the fun started, I spent hours trying to get it back together, then putting it down, then picking it back up to try again! To no avail, I still have only assembled 1 star back together and I haven’t even started 2.0 !

The Dioctipoid have that great appeal to a wide audience from children, teenagers and adults and are a great talking point when you have guests. Nothing better than a giggle at watching someone else try to work them out!

Dictipoid’s are available at Amazon and retail for £18.49 which is a great price for the amount of entertainment they bring you! One for the whole family to enjoy!


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