*Review* Dobble, the frantic family card game

*Review* Dobble, the frantic family card game

One of the lucky things about being a Board Game Club Bloggers is the chance to receive games that we may not have picked up ourselves or even seen before. We’ve uncovered some amazing games which have become firm favourites in our household so when we receive a new one we always play it with an open mind!

The latest game we took delivery of was called Dobble.

This compact fame is perfect for families to be able to play on the go or when you have limited time. Each of the 5 mini-games can be played with very little set up and only take a few minutes to play each round.

The basis of Dobble is observation, each of the 55 cards is unique and feature 8 symbols of different sizes. You have to be the quickest to spot the matching symbol between your card and another. What is very clever is the fact that each card only has one symbol in common with any other card in the deck.

Now it may seem like a simple game however it is actually quite difficult when you get started. All the symbols are the same colour however they can be different sizes and anywhere on the card you have. So, for example, you may be looking at it upside down on your card compared to the other card you are looking at.

It can be quite hard for your eyes and brain to communicate, especially when it becomes competitive!

We played the mini-game towering inferno with Kayleigh and Ethan, this seemed the simplest game. Everyone starts with a card face down and the rest of the cards are placed face up in the middle. On go you all flip over the card and shout out the symbol that matches. The fastest person to do so win’s and you go again. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end.

To begin with we played this with the cards the opposite way up to show the kids how the game works, they loved it!

The only thing the kids have struggled with is knowing what some of the symbols are, so we allowed them to shout Dobble and point out the symbol whilst they learn them.

This game is for up to 8 players aged 6+ and is the perfect family game to play. You can find it on Amazon for £12.99 which is a great price for this game.

Highly recommend this for some fast-paced family fun!

Dobble, the frantic family card game

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