*Review* EcoForce Cleaning Products

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As well as our great competition with EcoForce we were also sent a wide selection of their great products to try so we could share with you how we got on.

All of EcoForce products are made from at least 90% recycled waste, this in itself using 70% less energy than that of other products so helping to reduce the landfills & the usage of fossil fuels. I wanted to compare the prices of these to the normal supermarket brands as well as the quality.

Once the selection had arrived I was really impressed. Firstly I noticed if they didn’t need to be wrapped in excessive packaging then they weren’t but the thing that really got my attention was the quality.

The first thing I actually used was the quilted cloths. At £1.49 for 2 they are reasonably priced straight off but they are fantastic quality. They are quilted which makes them super soft to use. I used them to clean all my sides down & wash the cupboard doors down, once I had done this I stuck them in the wash at 30 degrees (can be washed up to 40 degrees) dried them out and they were like new again. They can be used for any sort of cleaning, such as your kitchen/bathroom or windows then can be washed ready for re-use. To me these are a must have in your cleaning cupboard!

As you can see in the picture I also received a Dishmatic. Now I have a dishwasher & would be lost without it when I’m working however I always end up with too many dishes to go in when I’m setting it off, especially after a baking session with the kids. This is where I always ended up wasting loads of washing up liquid on cleaning one or two dishes. With this nifty little gadget you can fill with washing up liquid and then it only uses what is required as you clean. I’ve found now that I’m washing with this & using my dishwasher less. This can only be a good thing! Another great thing about this is you only need to replace the scourer heads as the handle is designed to be long-lasting.

Another of my favourite products I received was the pegs. Yep you heard that right, I’m excited about pegs! You see I hate pegs with a passion. The cheap plastic ones you use normally snap at some point pinging all over the garden as they do, then the wooden ones go all black and horrible if you leave them outside! The ones EcoForce sent me are made from one piece of plastic and do not contain any springs to fly off in any direction! They are also super strong, I have tried to snap them in my trial (sorry thats the purpose of trying them!) which I failed, they also have an amazing grip on them.

I have a few other products still to try but so far I am really impressed. All of these products are no more expensive than the other brands out there however the quality is so much better! Nothing has fallen apart in use or broken so far. Anyone that has entered our competition stands a chance to win a great selection of goodies & you will not be disappointed!

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