*Review* Emotion Pets Playfuls – Cocco

For Christmas Kayleigh was lucky enough to receive one of the Emotion Pet favourites called Milky. It has become a firm favourite of her’s.

Now Flair are adding to their range this year with a range of Little Cuddles and Emotion Pet Playfuls.

Emotion Pets

We were fortunate enough to take delivery of Cocco, a little friendly playful monkey and straight away Ethan was in love!

Cocco, like Milky, has lots of interactive features. If you place food near his mouth he starts to make chomping sounds, when you rub his head or his belly he lets out a happy sound.


One of Ethan’s favourite features is the fact he sleeps upside down hanging by his tail!

The toys itself is super soft apart from the face, feet and hands which are a rubber texture. The hands and feet are interlocking too so your monkey can snuggle on your arm.

Just remember when you get it out of the box to put batteries in as I forgot then couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working!

The Emotion Pet Playful’s retail at ¬£34.99, this price is fairly reasonable for the toys and I wouldn’t mind paying that as Ethan has really enjoyed playing with Cocco.

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