*Review* George Back To School – Asda

You may remember a few months back we took part in an Easter challenge with George at Asda. In which we we’re fortunate enough to win a voucher for the Best Smile (aww still a proud mummy here!), so when they got in touch with their new challenge how could we say no?!

George’s new challenge was to kit the children out for school for no more than £20 and let them design a backpack. Now firstly I love a challenge so couldn’t wait to get started but also those who read the blog and follow our Facebook page will know, Kayleigh has suddenly developed a real artistic flair, so I knew she’d love the backpack designing!

For our £20 voucher we managed to order Kayleigh a yellow gingham summer dress & a pinafore and Ethan a pair of elasticated trousers and a fleece lined coat, with £2 still to spare!


Let me explain my choices firstly :

  • Yellow Gingham Summer Dress – I just love these. They remind me of school and I think they are perfect for the summer months at school. At £4 these are a bargain!


  • Pinafore – This was the only thing that fitted Kayleigh when she started school at 2 1/2 and even then it was a bit long! They always look great on even if its chilly and there are tights underneath. At £5 you can’t go wrong and last for ages (especially if like me you ordered the wrong size!)!
  • Elasticated trousers – Ethan is like his parents tall and slim (ok that last part we may be losing as we get older!) so trousers for him are a nightmare, They either need to be elasticated or have adjustable waists to fit him. Only £3 a pair!
  • Fleece Lined Coat – Kayleigh and Ethan’s pre-school operate a free flow system so as long as the weather isn’t freezing or chucking it down they are allowed to play in the outdoors area. For this sometimes they need a coat but not necessarily a winter jacket which is why I loved this and for £5 I am stunned, it is perfect and so cheap!

All of the items we brought we’re great quality and for the price you can’t go wrong. Asda have a wide range of colours too though to suit all the school ranges there are.

They wash up well too which is always a plus in our house when it comes to 2 mucky toddlers!

‘CHOSEN BY MUMS; TESTED BY KIDS; GUARANTEED BY GEORGE’ is their saying and I can see why.

Now to the bags!

George were very kind to send us 2 bags to save any fights that may follow, complete with paint and fabric crayons. We were armed and ready to decorate.

Ethan decided to do his normal squiggles 🙂

Kayleigh however went about her artistic design as always. As you can see that’s Kayleigh (with her curly hair) on the grass next to her house. With the sun shining but a cloud and red rain! This is all her own work and as you can imagine at 2 months shy of her 4th birthday I’m super impressed and she can’t wait to get to school in the coming weeks to show of her new bag!

We received a £20 voucher for this challenge as well as the bags and fabric colours. Also the bloggers will be judging the best bag plus the most commented post will win an additional voucher, so feel free to leave me a comment if your impressed with our bags!

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