*Review* George Home Wooden Rocket

Christmas is coming and the shops are stocking their shelves full of toys ready for the big day but so many of them are battery powered or gadget based.

If you love toys that let the imagination come to life, then the wooden toy range from George Home is where you want to start.

Ethan was lucky enough to receive the Wooden Rocket from them and has loved playing with it! There is not a battery in site and it is just down to the imagination.

In the packet you receive:

• Rocket
• 2 astronauts
• Bed
• Exercise equipment
• Monitor screens
• Satellite
• Moon vehicles
• Flag

Rocket Rocket Rocket Rocket
What I love about this, it has been fun for everyone that has come round and all ages of children. It is great watching their little stories of the rocket going into space, on special missions and even being attacked by dinosaurs! The thing is each time this has come from their own imagination and it has provided hours fun.

If you are heading out to do your Christmas shopping soon why not try and get a few toys away from the batteries and let your little ones imagination come alive.

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