*Review* Get a Grip from Hasbro

*Review* Get a Grip from Hasbro

Hasbro are known for bringing family fun packed games to the market, just look at their Pie Face game. It sold out everywhere when it first came out.

Now they are planning to take over the market again with their latest fun game, Get a Grip.

Suitable for players aged 8 or above (Ethan played it at 7 and understood it fine) the aim of the game is to complete the challenges on the card in the time allocated….

With a twist!

Players must wrap their thumbs in special wraps (if you’re an adult you will be wrapping up 2 fingers as well!) then complete the challenges in the time.

Now the challenges vary from drawing an image, sculpting something from the clay or do it challenge. These include doing up buttons and tying up shoe laces, these are easier said than done .


Get a Grip - Hasbro Games

The fact that everyone can get involved and have a good old laugh is good for the whole family. With the game, you have to accept that you will laugh at your own attempts to do things with the restrictions as they won’t go the way you can imagine in your head.

In the box you get:

  • 4 hand bands (machine-washable)
  • 2 cans of sculpting clay
  • 2 drawing pads
  • 60 challenge cards
  • game rules.

The only thing you will need around the house is some pencils, shoes with laces, shirts with buttons and some elastic bands.

If you don’t have all the items you can just skip that challenge and move onto the next challenge.


Get a Grip - Hasbro Games

Get a Grip - Hasbro Games

It requires 3 players as a minimum for this game. That is due to the fact you will go head to head with another player and the 3rd player becomes the judge for the challenge. Once the winner is decided they keep the challenge card.

First player to 3 cards wins the game.

This game from Hasbro is sure to be another big hit and is perfect for children and adults alike. Lots of fun but simple to set up and get going.


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