*Review* Good Natured Salad

A few weeks ago we received a voucher to purchase some Good Natured Salad products from our local Asda.

Good Natured range of salad items are all pesticide residue free and are bursting with flavour. I was disappointed to find that my local Asda only stock the cucumber and tomatoes (baby plum & vine) as I really wanted to try the whole range.

We’ve recently started to eat salads at work as the weather warms up and are going through a lot of fresh salad things on a weekly basis so it wasn’t long before we got to try out our goodies.

I’m becoming picky when it comes to our fruit and veg as I’m finding a lot of the major supermarkets own brand products really poor quality. Cucumber for example is either really thin or tastes of nothing but water.

Our Good Natured cucumber tasted so much better, it was full of flavour and a good size.

Our tomatoes were bursting with flavourĀ  too. When you ate them you could taste the difference immediately, they we’re just full of flavour in comparison to the own brands.

If you can get hold of Good Natured salad items, give them a try. You will be amazed at how yummy they are & they are not as expensive as you may think, only a few extra pence in comparison for a much better product.

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