*Review* Groupon

We have never shopped using Groupon in this house, so when we were offered a gift voucher to try the site out I couldn’t wait.

Heading over to Groupon I found the whole site generally easy to use. It didn’t take me long to be registered and ready to go on the site.

Although they didn’t have my area as a drop down choice, I just selected one that was close to where I lived. This give’s us a selection of offers in and around our area.

I waited a few days until a deal came up that I was interested in & then brought our voucher. At first I wasn’t aware that you don’t get the voucher to spend straight away but let me explain for those who have not used Groupon before.

Everyday new deals are brought onto the site, these deals only run for a few days at a time and are limited on how many vouchers are available (as I learnt this morning when I went to buy giant baking moulds, decorating set and revolving stand, I left it whilst I went to tidy up and came back to find it sold out!)

Once you have brought your voucher you sit back and wait for the offer to end. You are then sent your voucher and you use it on the relevant site to buy your items. Most items are still subject to postage and packing charges which you would expect.

We first purchased some headsets as both Daddy and I were in need of them, It was really simple to place our order and they arrived within a few days. We were both very impressed!

I have since brought some internet security package too – this was done online so there was no postage cost for this either.

All in all I love shopping on Groupon now, there are some amazing deals to be had and it is going to be great for a bit of Christmas shopping. The one big thing I have learnt is, if you see something you want, buy your voucher straight away as the vanish too fast!

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