*Review* Gruffalo Trunki

We’re planning on taking the children abroad next year for a little trip to some sunshine, though I’m sure the children are more excited to go on a plane (working for an airline can’t say the same for me!). So when we we’re given the chance to take delivery of any Trunki of our choice I jumped at the chance!

Knowing how much both children love the Gruffalo, this is the one I went with from their huge range!

When it arrived both Kayleigh and Ethan went mad for it!

We saw these when we popped to the Baby Show in October so I knew what to expect but as I hadn’t had a close up or looked inside I was pleasantly┬ásurprised by it.

The first thing I wasnt aware of was the fact it is hand luggage size which is perfect for those trips away. It gives us the chance to get the kids to pack their bits plus a change of clothes and take it with us!

The Trunki is well made with a latch at either end which is lockable via a little key if you choose to. One great feature on the outside is the rubber seal they use around the edge, ensuring a secure closure but protecting little skin that use it as a seat/ride on.

On the inside it is like a little mini suitcase & already the children have been filling it up with their essentials (toys!). It would keep anything secure inside for a trip away.

One other thing I really like is how sturdy it is. Its made for children to be able to sit on and be pulled along but at no point does it look like its going to give way. I just wish they did an adult one!

All in all this is an amazing product and I cant wait to put it through the test of the airport queues!


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