*Review* GymCube

Ok hands up if you want to get fit, lose weight or tone up but haven’t got the time/ confidence or money to go to a gym?

So if you put you hands up how many have brought a fitness dvd with every intention of using it frequntly, losing all the weight they show on the front then losing the will after a week or two as your bored of the same routine day in and day out.

This one is perfect for you then.

GymCube is an online membership to a wide range of classes suitable for all sorts of fitness levels but what makes this site ideal for everyone is you don’t have to be there at a set time to join in though as they have the great feature of Anytime which means if something pops up in life (which it will!) and you think “Oh I’ve missed my class this week, its ok I’ll catch up next week” think again! You can go to anytime when you get a chance and catch up there and then!

If you’re thinking “but I hate aerobic classes, this isn’t for me”, think again. They have Pilates, combat fitness, street dance and so many more. You will find a class you like.

I’ve been trying GymCube for the last month and have found it perfect for even the awkward me.

I like to work out in the comfort of my own home but since our accident I’ve been slowly putting the pounds on and I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been. Still in pain following the accident I’m have to be very careful with what I do and I’m still unable to put any real weight on the shoulder so this means any exercises such as push ups or the plank are out of the equations for me however I’ve still be able to make some progress with my fitness.

Since I’ve started working out I’ve learnt to adapt routines around my shoulder injury but mainly I work out to the cardio and abs class as this is where I really want to tone up.

I am really keen on GymCube and plan on treating myself to a years subscription. If your unsure if you would use it, why not try it out with their free 10 day trial?

GymCube starts at £5.95 a month however they currently have a great offer on over at their blog where if you enter the promo code XMAS at the checkout you can get a whole year for £29.99!

Do let me know if you give it a go and how you find it.

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