*Review* Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race™ Track Set

With Christmas just around the corner I’m sure you must be almost finished when it comes to the Christmas shopping but if you’ve got a little boy to buy for then this could be the perfect gift for them.

Ethan has recently taken delivery of the Hot Wheels  Super Loop Chase Race™ Track Set and has been putting it through its paces over the last few days.

The set itself comes with lots of pieces and at first could look a bit daunting to begin with however the instructions are very clear and easy to follow and ours was up and on the wall in about 10 minutes.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels


  • New track set launches your cars at top speed for gravity-defying action!
  • See your wheels brave and try to make it up and around a spectacular 3-foot tall loop.
  • Send multiple cars racing at once for a thrilling high-speed chase!
  • Who will take the hair-raising shortcut vying for the lead? Will the shortcut cause a mid-air crash and send your racer flying off of the set?
  • Connect more sets to keep the race going! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
  • Requires 4 D batteries.
  • Includes 3M Command Strips to secure the track to the wall for support

This has been a big hit in our household, not only with Ethan but also his friends that came round yesterday too. They tried to get as many cars going round the track before it crashed!

Another great part is you can add to the end of it to extend it slightly which would add another dimension to it.

Hot Wheels

The only thing I have found is you need lots of space to allow it to be placed on a wall and it also is quiet noisy from the battered powered part which pushes the car round the track.

That being said, it has been very popular with everyone that has played with it and I’m sure lots of children will be happy opening this on Christmas morning!



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