*Review* In Car iPhone Cradle

Our second item received from Maplin was an In Car iPhone Cradle.

In our car I am constantly fed up with my phone rolling around as there isn’t really anywhere to put it so this was the ideal gift for me. The first thing I noticed was a small problem with getting my phone to fit into the holder, I have an iPhone 4s but that wasn’t the issue. It was the phone case I had on there. To get the phone to fit you had to take off the protective rubber case and then slot it in, this became a bit of an annoyance but not enough to put me off using the cradle.

The cradle itself can be attached to the windscreen or dashboard in a method similar to those used for attaching a sat nav in your car, it is really simple to do and takes a matter of seconds to attach it. Once attached the unique clip makes it easy to pop your iPhone (minus the cover) into the cradle. It then can be adjusted 360 degrees to spin the iPhone around. The arm can also be adjusted to ensure the phone is held in the right place.
Maplin Maplin Maplin Maplin

The clip holding the phone is flexible enough for it to take the phone easily but is spring-loaded to keep your phone secured into place.

All in all this is a great little phone holder and at £14.99, I think you’d struggle to find anything better suited for the job on the market.

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