*Review* Jane Hissey – Jolly Snow limited edition

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We love stories in our house and part of our bed time routine is to sit down and have a story before bed.

Our house is overflowing with children’s books but many of them are toddler books so slowly we are replacing them with more story books with a bit of length so we can get stuck in.

Jolly Snow

Jolly Snow is about Jolly Tall the giraffe and his desire to see real snow for the first time but with the weather outside not cold enough Old Bear and his friends go about making ways for him to see snow indoors.

All the soft toys come up with their own ways of making snow indoors to try to help their friend get his dream.

Overall we loved the story and its been requested again tonight! The book itself is beautifully illustrated and is one that will become a classic in our household.

Jane Hissey has her own website which allows you to find out more about the books and also an activity page where you can learn to draw some of the characters or even get the recipe Bramwell Brown’s Snowflake Biscuits featured in the story.

One thing I loved about this book is it just one of a whole range which means that the kids can get involved in the whole land of Old Bear and his friends through the complete series.

This is a lovely book and one that children will love for years to come.


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