*Review* Journey 2

The lovely people at Warner Bros arranged for us to take delivery of a bundle of goodies for their latest release Journey 2.

 That night we settled down (after putting our egg in some water to hatch!) to watch Journey 2. Snuggled on the sofa we prepared to join in with an adventure and we weren’t disappointed.

Journey 2 is based on the story line of Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) going on an adventure to the Mysterious Island after receiving a coded distress call (from a character played by Michael Caine), the island is a mysterious place as it shouldn’t even exist on the map! So its full of mystical creatures, deadly volcanos & other great story features (which I wont share & spoil the film).


He is accompanied by his step father Hank (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and ends up taking a helicopter pilot & his daughter (played Luiz Guzman & Vanessa Hudgens) after they are drawn into the island as they try to rescue the islands sole survivor.

However they’re sight-seeing of the island is cut short by the seismic shockwave that is a warning the island is about to be submerged back under the sea.

They then face the race against time to get off the island and back to normality. As they do they come across giant electric eels, volcanos firing out gold & ride on giant bees. I wont tell you whether they get off the island but its one you don’t want to miss, especially if your familiar Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

All in all we loved the film, even though it was a PG both Kayleigh and Ethan throughly enjoyed watching it & loved seeing everything that’s tiny huge (part of story is the island is back to front so small bugs are huge and vice versa). A great all round family film.

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