*Review* Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat Playset

The second playset we received to review was the Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat.

Ethan’s face lit up when he saw this as not only does he love Jungle Junction but he also loves anything that is transport related so a big boat was his dream!

The best bit of this playset for me is it comes ready assembled! So it’s just a case of getting it out of the box and they are ready to go.

This playset really captured Kayleigh and Ethan’s imagination as it had lots of great little features. There was a lift so Taxicrab could go to the top of the boat, complete with saloon style doors. He also had a great little ramp that run under the boat and out the back, Kayleigh and Ethan used this as an escape route!

But their favourite feature?

The plank! The loved making Taxicrab walk the plank then making him ping into the water! It was actually a really good feature as at the end of the day it slid back into the boat for ease of storage.

By far this was our favourite Jungle Junction set, with a recommended retail price of £29.99 it would make a great gift.

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