*Review* JustJaks

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It’s well-known in our house that I can not cook flapjacks to save my life! No matter how hard I try they just never work, so when JustJaks contacted me to see if I’d be willing to review one I thought this may be the chance to change all this!

JustJaks is a great new concept where you receive all the ingredients you need to make flapjacks in one box delivered straight to your post box. They are even weighed out for you so all you need to do is follow the instructions inside and fresh juice, how easy is that! The best bit is, if you haven’t got the juice it recommends you can experiment with a different flavour without affecting the outcome apart from a different flavour.

They currently have 4 pre-packed flapjacks combination boxes or if your like me you can choose one of the create your own. I decided to go with chocolate, cherry & cranberry flapjacks as they are my favourite cake ingredients!

Our box arrived whilst we were out however they come in a post box friendly sized box so can be posted if you’re not there.

JustJaks are incredibly easy to make, you really do just pour everything into a bowl & add juice before putting them into the oven, they are also fool-proof, so even I could get them to work! The recipe is printed on the inside of the box too which means its easy to follow as you get all the ingredients out.

They retail at £3.75 a box which is a very reasonable price for the convenience & ingredients all provided on one I would recommend giving a go!


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