*Review* Kids Kit Peli’s Play Pouch

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We have possibly the UK’s smallest bathroom, ok that’s a lie, but we do have a tiny bathroom so when it comes to bath toys they are a nightmare to store.

However Hello Baby have come to my rescue though and sent us a Kids Kit Peli’s Play Pouch to store all our new bath toys!

Peli Play Pouch

The Peli’s play pouch is actually a really cute looking item in the bath room, simply made with a plastic head and beak with a porous pouch. It has an adjustable arm on the underside which means it can easily fit most baths and is also easy to move around the bath when adults are in there.

The pouch is a good size and we have managed to fit all of the bath toys we own in there, it fits quiet well into our bath and allows them to drain off once the bath has drained.


The kids loved the Peli Play Pouch, not for its practicality but its fun factor. The beak stays open so Kayleigh and Ethan have worked out that its great fun to use it like a basketball net and throw the toys in there!

We loved the Peli Play Pouch and at £12.49 it is a fantastic price for what you get.

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