*Review* Lego Lunchbox & Drink’s Bottle

Kayleigh and Ethan love Lego, it is one of their all time favourites.

To get them ready for the new school year we was lucky enough to be sent some Lego Lunchboxes and matching Drink’s bottles from Store.

Lego Lunchbox

The lunch boxes are shaped like Lego bricks, just on a larger scale. We’ve got an even larger Lego box for the Lego however Kayleigh and Ethan loved their new lunch boxes as they thought they were taking Lego to school! The lunch boxes themselves are a great size for children, I found they had enough space to fit a piece of fruit, sandwhich, cheese and yoghurt. If you like to send children in with raisins or nuts you can buy mini storage boxes from Store too which slot inside the lunch boxes.

Lego Lunchbox

If I was being fussy about the lunch box the only thing I think it would benefit from would be a latch or something to make it easier to carry as the lid just slots on top like Lego storage boxes but that could just be me. They fit into my handbag fine on the school run.

The Lego drinks bottles are rather cool. available in lots of funky colours they are a standard drinks bottle with a super cool Lego head screw top. The bottoms of these come off too so you can ensure they have a super clean out.

This range is very cool and the kids love taking these to school.

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