*Review* Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds

Kayleigh & Ethan love 2 things, teddy bears & cartoons. So imagine their delight when we were fortunate enough to receive a Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds to review. They both love Little Charley Bear so their face lit up when they saw this cute bear come out of the box!



This cuddly little Charley is a great toy for a child of any age. Both Kayleigh and Ethan loved him.

As well as being a cute teddy he also say’s lots of the children’s favourite phrases when you press his tummy, such as “Are you there Charley Bear”. Although there is a voice box in him, he is still cuddly and both of mine have taken him to bed.

Little Charley Bear is very well made & the one thing I really like about it is, unlike some other toys with push to talk toys this is one is very easy for little hands to do themselves however it’s not so sensitive that they set it off when they are laying on it in bed!

You can get your hands on your own  Little Charley Bear Fun Sound Plush Toy on Amazon for £12.99 which i think is a great prize for such a well made toy.

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