*Review* Little Helper FunPod

I have always loved the idea of the Little Helper FunPod, so much so that it is even down as one of my recommended products on my Kiddicare Blog page. So when I got an email offering me the chance to review one, I almost bit their arm off!

We are constantly in the kitchen in this house. If we’re not baking we’re making dinner and trying to keep 2 toddlers entertained whilst I do that is hard work. As I can’t hold on to them both with them sitting on the side I always end up with chairs in the kitchen and this is far from practical trying to work around the chairs whilst making sure they don’t fall off them!

When our delivery arrived I was surprised at how compact the box was & on closer inspection of the contents I decided to see if I could put it together myself. I’m not a great DIY’er however if I have decent instructions I am fine. So I set about putting it together.

As you can see I managed it, plust was really easy and quick to put together. One great feature about this FunPod is regardless of how easy it is to put together it is really sturdy. It comes with the option of setting the height of the stand to 5 different heights, this makes it useable for 12 months to around 5 years old. Making this an ideal product with 2 toddlers around!

As i thought, this product was a huge hit which lead to us baking the next day! This then set both Kayleigh & Ethan into a little battle as to who needed to stand in it more! Once this dispute was settled we set about trialling the FunPod whilst we baked. One thing I notice about the FunPod was it is very sturdy, the little rubber feet also keep it balanced on the floor safely so there was no rocking.

Another thing I have noticed is the kids are now in the kitchen with me much more, they like to come stand in the FunPod and talk to me whilst I’m cooking, just chatting about how the day has gone whilst I know they are safe and secure.

These retail at £112.99 and I know some people may think as that as a bit pricey but I have to say its worth every penny. Especially if you think about it like this, if you use it for 4 years its only costing you just shy of £30 a year, then if you use it daily it its less than 9p a day! Just 9p for keeping the kids safe in the kitchen and giving you the piece of mind their not up to trouble! Why don’t you pop over to Little Helper for more details about the FunPod, which awards they have won (trust me there are many!) and how to buy. If you love spending time in the kitchen with your toddlers then this is the

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