*Review* Magenta Divine Tutu – Angel’s Face

Every now and then we get a delivery which make’s one of the kids super excited and this one for Kayleigh did just that!

Angel’s Face offered to send Kayleigh a tutu of her choice, now to surprise her I picked on and didn’t tell her that it was on the way.

Kayleigh love’s purple, its her favourite colour and she will tell everyone that its her favourite colour so I picked the Magenta Divine Tutu.

It arrived and it did not disappoint. The tutu was delivered in a vintage style hat box with a clear lid, which meant Kayleigh spotted the colour as soon as we opened the packaging and virtually squealed in my ear!

Magenta Tutu

Angel's Face

The tutu itself was actually heavier than I was expecting but the quality was way beyond what I was imagining being delivered. With beautifully cut layers the skirt has the real wow factor and certainly makes a point.  It sits beautifully on Kayleigh and she love’s swirling around and making the tutu swirl with her.

Tutu Tutu Tutu


Starting at £35 they may seem a little more pricy than you may be able to pick up on the high street but the quality is so much better and the amount of wear you get out of it more than makes up for the pennies you’ve paid out.

Kayleigh was so pleased with her new skirt that she has already asked for the African-Can Tutu when I get the pennies and has declared that this is her skirt for the big 5th birthday party next month, if that’s not a compliment I’m not sure what is!


The seal of approval has come from Kayleigh and I’m very impressed by the tutu from a buyers point of view.

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