*Review* Millionaire Genie

I can’t say I’m an experienced gambler but when I was given the chance to try out the new online slot machine Millionaire Genie from 888 ladies being given a £5 credit to try it out, I wasn’t going to say no, especially as we could keep our winnings and the jackpot was a huge six figure one!

The only experience of slot machines I’ve had is those you find in an arcade or pub but I can’t say I really understand what I am doing and am not particularly that lucky!

Millionaire Genie

Before I started my game I had a little read of the instructions and how to win and thought I understood how you win but once I started playing I found it a little confusing.

Millionaire Gene

You start by deciding how much you would like to bet over 15 lines with the minimum being 1p so effectively each spin was a minimum of 15p per go. then from there you could increase how much you played with.

I got completely lost in how I won (when I won) though. Even though I had read the guide on what was a winning line, it wasn’t as straight forward as 3 in a row and the lines could contain diagonals etc. I definitely think that some players (like me!) would have benefitted from a bit more of a comprehensive guide on winning.

There is also a line that comes up where the genie gives you free spins, I only managed to secure this once and got 11 free spins. This was my biggest haul overall on winning any money, even if it was only a couple of pounds!

Millionaire Genie

It didn’t take me long however to burn through my £5 credit and all of my winnings. It was a little scary in fact just how easy it was to spend the money even without knowing what I was doing! I wasn’t able however to carry on playing unless I had added my credit so I wasn’t able to run up any debt.

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This is a sponsored post, I was also credited £5 in my account to try Millionaire Genie

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