*Review* Mini Micro Scooters

Last week Micro Scooters offered to send Kayleigh and Ethan new scooters to try out. We currently have one scooter which mean they have to share however they got a great surprise last Friday when a new scooter for each of them arrived!

I left it entirely in the hands of the lovely Micro Scooters to send which ever colour they wanted to them however I mentioned that if they sent Kayleigh one that contained purple, she would be their friend for life…. that they did!

Mini Micro Scooter Mini Micro Scooter Mini Micro Scooter

When I opened the box we were greeted by the sight of 2 Mini Micro Scooters, one in Candy Blue and one in Candy Lilac. I think my ears are still ringing from the screams of delight from both Kayleigh and Ethan!

There was not a chance to leave the scooters in the box and I had to put them together immediately. Luckily for me the Mini Micro scooters simply come in 2 sections, the base and the handles. They are just a straight forward click together and away you go.

The Mini Micro scooter is aimed at children 3-5 years old so Kayleigh and Ethan are pretty much the top and bottom end of the scale however it suited them both equally.

Mini Micro Scooter

They both started scooting around the house within a few seconds of me giving them their new scooters.

Mini Micro scooters come with a few key points:

  • Rear brake
  • Tilt and lean steering system
  • Scooters in the candy range come with the new anodised stem
  • Great grips on the handle bar.

The tile and lean steering system has allowed even Ethan to manage to negotiate tight corners on his scooter, he’s keeping up with his sister in the races!

We loved the candy colours too and thought they made them stand out in the crowd.

photo(1) Mini Micro Scooter

One thing I particularly loved about the Micro Scooters brand is the additional items you can buy! There is a whole host of accessories such as helmets, bags to scooter ribbons and wheel whizzers to make your Micro Scooter even more personalised. This makes for great Christmas gifts.

Kayleigh and Ethan love their scooters and even though Kayleigh is 5 in a few months I think she still has quiet a while of usage out of her Mini Micro scooter before we look to buy her a Maxi Micro.

You can find out more about the Micro Scooter brand and their products over on their site here.

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