*Review* Mini Pupstars

We love finding new apps to try out so when the kids were offered the chance to review Mini Pupstars, I knew they would love it.,

Mini Pupstars is effectively a dog grooming salon on your iPad but with a more creative feature. They have released a walk through video for you to view here.

To start the game off you select one of four dogs which is in 3D then from there you can cut or shave their hair. Then if you really want you can grow it back again. Then from their you can colour the hair before giving it a wash and blow dry!

As the dog appears in 3D it means you can rotate them to ensure they have that perfect style.

Once all they hair is complete you can even add accessories before they head and have their picture taken on the red carpet.

Kayleigh and Ethan have loved playing this game. They have enjoyed being able to change the dog’s air and colour over and over and I have an iPad full of dogs on the red carpet now ….

Now obviously I couldn’t review the app without giving it a go myself!

What do you think? I don’t think I’ll be getting a new career in dog grooming anytime soon.

Mini Pupstars Mini Pupstars

I found the app easy to negotiate and use as it goes through the steps one after the other and that is why the kids love playing it as it is easy to use.

Kayleigh and Ethan loved the app and said it was lots of fun, it has been played daily and for me the fact it is ad and app purchase free is a big bonus so we’d give it 4 1/2 out of 5!

Mini Pupstars is in the app store for £1.49 however this means it is ad free and has no in store purchases either.

Yasmin, the founder of Matoto Play and creator of the app says “The inspiration for Mini Pupstars partly came partly thanks to my nine year old daughter. She really desperately wanted a dog, as we live in an apartment there is a ‘no pets rule’. Plus the fact as a single parent I would personally really struggle to commit to having a dog and juggle daily commitments. One day while she was on her iPad she asked me “Mom wouldn’t it be fun if I could have a dog on my iPad”. Around the same time I had seen photos of the ‘extreme dog grooming’ competitions that are popular in the USA – combining that idea with the many hair salon type apps the concept of “Mini Pupstars” was born”

We were given a code for this app and compensated for our time however this review is honest and all our own opinions.

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