*Review* Mookie Pillow Pet

When we were approached to review Mookie Pillow Pets I was a bit sceptical. You see we have brought 2 pillow pets (or so we thought they were) before and they were awful. So at the same time I was intrigued to see if the real thing was better than the copies!

We were kindly sent a Ms Ladybug which was perfect as one of our imitations was a ladybug so we were able to do a straight comparison!

Straight away you could see the difference in quality. Our imitation is falling apart, the eyes are wonky and it just doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the real thing, it looks a bit sad!

This is a fantastic product especially for toddlers, they love the fact they have a teddy then when the want to get comfortable they just undo the velcro  tab and it becomes a pillow from them.

Pillow Pets are the new premium quality plush toy made of ultra-soft and cuddly chenille but with a clever twist.  When a hidden strap is released underneath, the cuddly creature transforms from a toy into a soft pillow, making the Pillow Pet a perfect travelling pal, nap time buddy and all round snuggly friend

Both Kayleigh and Ethan love their Pillow Pet! So much so that the cheap imitation is going to have to go in the bin and we will need to get Ethan a new one, not sure which one though as they have such a great range to pick from.

They are available in Billy Monkey, Playful Penguin, Comfy Panda, Snuggly Puppy, Magical Unicorn and Wiggly Pig, not forgetting Ms Ladybug and Bumbly Bee!   And especially for Easter, Cuddly Bunny, Thumpy Bunny, Puffy Duck and Fluffy Bunny and rriced at £19.99 RRP, which is a great price.

They are available from Toys ‘R’ Us and Amazon

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